EdOptimize - EdTech Implementation Analytics - Shiny Contest Submission

EdOptimize - EdTech Implementation Analytics

Authors: Tirth Shah, Nirmal Patel, Aditya Sharma

Abstract: This application can help education stakeholders track the implementation of digital learning programs in school districts. The dashboard will help districts make the most out of their online learning programs.

Full Description: This dashboard presents a view of how a school district (which is a group of schools) is implementing a digital learning program. Every data view in this dashboard is limited to a single school district. The various patterns of digital learning within the district can empower many stakeholders to make online learning more effective for students.

Here are the descriptions of each of the sections in this dashboard:

  1. Overall Usage: This section will give you a high-level summary and distribution of the teacher and student usage across subjects within the district. You will also see analytics around the average level of activity for teachers and students.
  2. Usage Over Time: Here, you can see several views of the usage over time at the day, week, and month level. You can see new versus returning users over time, average session duration over time, and average events per user over time for the different periods. Leaving and bouncing users can also be tracked here similar to other dashboards. The raw data for the district are also available in this section.
  3. Curriculum Insights: Here, you can pick a specific product that the district is using, and closely look at the usage of that product. You will be able to see plots similar to the Usage Over Time section. Curriculum Pacing plots will allow you to track the pacing patterns within the district for a given product. For more description of the pacing plots, see the Curriculum Pacing section of the Curriculum Analytics dashboard.
  4. Leaderboard: The leaderboard will show you which schools and classes are most active in the district. You can look at the leaderboard at the overall level or the product level. For any given class or school in the leaderboard, you can see their usage over time by clicking on the class/school name in the leaderboard table.

Keywords: education,edtech,educational data,learning analytics,k-12
Shiny app: https://playpowerlabs.shinyapps.io/edopt_implementation_analytics/
Repo: GitHub - PlaypowerLabs/EdOptimize: EdOptimize is an open-source learning analytics platform for K-12 digital learning systems.
RStudio Cloud: Posit Cloud


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