Editor path completion in project does not start at project's root

OS: Ubuntu 19.10
Rstudio: 1.2.5033
R: 3.6.3

I encounter an unexpected behavior, at least to me, when using Rstudio projects.

If I set up my project following this example with the file Analysis A being an Rmarkdown document

then opening the project and this file and editing code; in any chunk the path completion starts in the script folder.

The current working directory is the project folder for both chunk execution and knit execution.
So I cannot use a path like ../data/test as this would break my code.

I cannot find any explanation for the editors behavior and this is driving me nuts.

My knit directory is well set on Project directory.
Overall, this behavior only impacts the path completion in the editor as everything else is working fine.

Let me know if anyone has encountered this behavior and if there is a solution, thanks :grinning: !!

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