Editor-aware shortcut for gluing file paths from the Rproj directory?

I use this str_glue('{here::here()}/...') combination a lot to make robust file paths within RStudio projects, trying to follow the infinite wisdom of @jennybryan on project organisation. But there are two things that seem like there could be room for improvement:

  1. It's seems like a lot of keystrokes. I could save a few with a library(here) at the start of my script. But still, it seems like a str_glue_here could be a keystroke-saver because I could tab-complete the function name. Or maybe @jimhester's fs could have something like fs::path_project akin to the existing path_home? The downside is that fs is currently not loaded with library(tidyverse)

  2. RStudio isn't aware that that I'm typing a file path in this combination, so I don't get the amazing tab-complete directory/file listing that I get with list.files, for example. I guess it would be hard to make that work in the quoted string in a str_ function, but it does work for the fs::path_home functions. So that might be a good reason to have a fs::path_project to build up a robust path starting from the project's directory.

Or is there already an existing function that does this even better that I haven't heard of?

I don't quite follow why you embed here::here() inside str_glue(). To work with your example, why not here::here(...)? This workflow also lets you take advantage of RStudio file path completion. I feel like I probably misunderstand something.


Ah, I see now, thanks. No, you've followed perfectly, it's me who didn't understand the documentation for here correctly.

I just assumed here only had the side-effect of returning the project directory, and didn't take arguments. I glossed over the sense that ... can take paths below the project root. I see now that the example in the docs shows this clearly. The function I want is here, I just didn't know that I could use it like that, thanks for setting me straight! That does simplify things.


Hi Ben,

If your question's been resolved (I'm not totally sure whether or not it has been yet, based on your response), would you mind choosing a solution? If not, then, of course, leave it as is! Just trying to promote this as a best practice here on the community site, since it makes it easier to figure out who/which questions still need help.


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