Editing shiny-server.conf to load a specific app at :8787/soft

Hi, I am brand new to R and Shiny-Server.

I have set it up, and currently have it working on AWS, meaning that sample apps load at www.my-aws-url:3838/sample-apps/ and I can sign in at www.my-aws-url:8787 and it loads R with a console, terminal, jobs, etc.

I do not have Nginx or anything like that installed (seen this mentioned some places, don't know if it applies here)

We have hired someone who uploaded an app.R file at: /home/name/soft/app.R

I have been looking here: https://docs.rstudio.com/shiny-server/ at section 2.1 and 2.2.2 but haven't gotten it to work.

They would like this to load when they log in at either: www.my-aws-url:8787 OR www.my-aws-url:8787/soft

I have been trying to modify my shiny-server.conf file to accomplish this, but I am failing.

If I change the shiny-server.conf to something like:

server {
    listen 3838;

    location / {

        site_dir /home/name/


Then I can browse to www.my-aws-url:3838/soft and it works as hoped. However, if I change the port to 8787 it does not work.

Any ideas?

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