editable table with reactive values

Hi guys,

How can I please reproduce this table (with symbols)


where the user edit the table values (true or false) and these values will be used in further calculation

If you know a link that explains how to do a similar thing please let me know

Thank you in advance

I can't answer your question, but I would check out the following two packages:

...the documentation has an example of how to add images.
Rstudio's DT tables
here's a method for adding images. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/30671958/how-to-embed-an-image-in-a-cell-a-table-using-dt-r-and-shiny

It's hard to understand specifically what you want, for example:

  1. click on the cell for a check mark, click on the cell again for a x mark
  2. drop-down with selection for check mark and x mark.

Regardless, I would start with the two options above and go from there.

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