Editable FlowChart Diagram for MarkDown docx output


I am looking for an editable flowchart diagram package that works with MarkDown.

It will need to be able to work with a docx output and for the text within each node to be editable (Is this even possible?)

I have been using DiagrammeR which is fantastic, however, on this occasion I need the output to be editable as I'm not sure what the companies GST return process will look like.

You might want to try the visNetwork package, which is based on htmlwidgets. The documentation says:

compatible with shiny, R Markdown documents, and RStudio viewer

I've used visNetwork to build a flowchart and then talk through it with people using the RStudio Viewer (but I've never tried it with R Markdown), where they can point and click to add nodes and edges, which sounds similar to what you want to do? I think it is a really useful package, hopefully it is what you need!