editable fields in Rstudio - not accessable

I am almost embarrassed to ask, but I have been struggling for about 1 month since updating Rstudio. I am using version 2023.03.0 Build 386 on POP OS (ubuntu variant).
I am not able to edit the field for the file or folder path that Rstudio presents. I store all my projects on a separate hard drive and the "browse" function does not show the other drives from which to select. I would be OK simply "pasting" or typing in the path, but the fields are not editable. I experience this for all instances when starting a project or creating a package. It seems to obvious and simple, but I am not able to solve it.
Help appreciated
Thank you

Can you show what screen element you are reffering to ?

Screenshot from 2023-04-17 07-05-17

This is an example for creating an R package (that I first attempted yesterday). The field "create a project as a subdirectory of:" is not editable. I am also not able to determine how to navigate to another drive, where I store projects

This is also true for starting new projects, but above is a good example.

Oh, As far as I know that controls works by echoing to you with non editable text what the path is; but letting you use the browse button to change it. For me on windows this opens up a native explorer window, so I can choose any location from my PC. I don't have a machine running POP OS to try that.

in general (outside of RStudio) can you browse to your drive ?
Perhaps you have some permissions issue disallowing reads to that drive ?

Yes, my file explorer (equivalent in linux) works fine and can access all drives and directories. The browse button works, but will not show external drives, negating that navigation function

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