"Edit" Button to Fork Distill Post

We want to use distill for meeting notes and internal reports and use "blog" variant of distillfor this. All the posts are in the _posts directory of the same github repo.

Is there a way to implement the edit option which is implemented in bookdown (see below)

edit : a link that collaborators can click to edit the Rmd source document of the current page; this was designed primarily for GitHub repositories, since it is easy to edit arbitrary plain-text files on GitHub even in other people’s repositories (if you do not have write access to the repository, GitHub will automatically fork it and let you submit a pull request after you finish editing the file). This link should have %s in it, which will be substituted by the actual Rmd filename for each page.

In other words; we would like each blogpost to have a "edit" button which forwards the user to the edit mode of the appropriate Rmd file (https://github.com/user/repo/edit/branch/path/to/rmd-file.Rmd).

Where would I need to start to implement this myself (if it does not already exist)

I think it would be exactly what you're describing, e.g. for the main Distill for R Markdown page, the button (which, in some cases/on some sites looks like a GitHub icon) would go to its source page

So, assuming you're using the _posts workflow from the article below, it would be the relative path from that R Markdown directory

Hey Mara, really cool to hear from you :smiley:

However, I don't quite understand which button you are talking about... the one on the top right (see screenshot below)? This one leads me to https://github.com/rstudio/distill.. and I can't seem to find a different button :thinking:

Yeah, I was just using that site as a hypothetical example, it's not actually implemented there—sorry about that.

No problem! But then I'm not quite sure what you are telling me.. that such an edit button can be implemented?

Yeah, basically. I haven't seen any examples of it in distill blogs, but I obviously haven't done an exhaustive search. You could certainly file a feature request.


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