Edgar package searchFiling error

I need to perform a keyword search on a number of SEC filings for a specific year. When typing in the code for the searchFilings in the Edgar package, I receive the error massage:
Error in if (occur != -1) { : condition has length > 1

This is the code I am using, with just a few SEC files as examples:
word.list=c('repatriat', 'foreign cash', 'deemed repatriation', 'foreign earning')
searchFilings(cik.no = c('1000180', '278130', '733269'),
form.type = c("10-K"),
filing.year = c(2015), word.list=word.list, useragent)

I am able to download the files, however when it comes to the searching part of the code, I receive this error. Can someone please help out? I am desperate...

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