echo $SHELL in RStudio Server terminal is not defined

I have RStudio Server open source version running on Arch Linux, which compiles from RStudio source fresh from GitHub. Server works very well in general.

But when I ssh into that server, and do echo $SHELL, I get /usr/bin/zsh. When I do echo $SHELL in the terminal in RStudio, I get a blank. The terminal shell is zsh; it is set as such in global options. But the SHELL environment variable is not defined. It causes problems when I use a multiplexer like e.g. GNU screen. The shell of the screen sessions default to /bin/sh, not zsh as desired. No real problem, but I would rather it uses by user's default shell.

Note on RStudio desktop on Arch Linux, the terminal does have the SHELL environment variable defined, and so echo $SHELL gives /usr/bin/zsh. The global settings for the terminal are identical on the server and desktop version.

Is there a trick that I a missing to get the server terminal to respect environment variables?

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