eCDF data & model


I used the ecdf function to analyze the electricity price in the spot market and obtain a distribution from it. Now, I would like to use this distribution in a small model to calculate the probability that a given electricity price X is equal to or lower than a certain value.

Since Ihave hourly data, I can calculate the probability of the spot market price being available at a certain percentage XX during that time. In other words, I can determine the likelihood that the spot market price will be at or below a specific value for a given percentage of the time.

I tried to use the knots() function but thats not really that what i wanted...
I would like to get the x and y data out of the ecdf() function.

A second question would be if its possible to create a small modell about the profibility on a producing system in RStudio? Or Wwould you recommend using different software for this application?

Thanks for any response&help

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