EAGER Discussions on Dropbox, OneDrive, similar services, and shared drives IDE Issues

Related to a discussion among RStudio IDE testers (EAGER), this thread is created to document and discuss recent shared drive services and issues with the RStudio IDE.

I have a question about this

Option to disable real-time backup of unsaved changes to avoid conflicts with Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. (#3837)

Does this mean that 1.3 version is supposed to be cloud-sync friendly now? Do you think you can give a little more detail about this or what the current limitations are? My question comes as a result of these related threads.


I don't know if it is related to version 1.3, but I am experiencing this problem when using Dropbox.

I haven't had this message come up in previous versions, but it has been quite annoying in 1.3.

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Relatedly, is this 2017 guideline still valid? It says to selectively un-sync the hidden ".Rproj.user" file in Dropbox and I have been following it.

However, when I do this now and open the .Rproj as myself, a bunch of hidden ".Rproj.user (Selective Sync Conflict)" folders get created in my ~/Dropbox/ home directory (not my project directory, which is different).

This is is in the latest version of Rstudio preview, though I'm not sure if it's because of my v1.3.


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