E-poster abstracts?

Is there a publicly available list of people/abstracts participating in the Thursday night e-poster session? I'm looking for it on the conference website, but I haven't been able to find anything regarding this portion of the conference.

I ask because I went back to my poster acceptance email and saw a portion about sending a headshot and blurb about yourself, but I don't see any place in the app or on the website for people presenting e-posters.

I was wondering the same thing...

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Is there any info on the format of the e-poster session? I imagine a big room with lots of people standing near poster boards, but the "e-" is now throwing me off. A program of all poster titles would also be nice.


Any update on this?

Also, can someone provide information on the size and resolution of the screen we will be provided with to display our demos?

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@tyler @anon41669790 As far as I know, all the info is here: https://www.rstudio.com/rstudio-conf-e-poster-sessions/


Great! Thanks to the RStudio team for putting this together! Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Is there any specific information regarding the logistics of the e-poster session? All that I know is that the posters are going to be shown during the reception.

@tyler I agree we haven't been given much information about how to prepare for the e-poster presentation. I am planning on going down early in the hopes that they will let me in to setup prior to 5:30. I also haven't had the chance to register yet since I didn't attend the Training Days, so I'm hoping we can get registered quickly and get back to our e-posters.

Also, I found the headshots and blurbs. They are in the rstudio::conf app in the Speakers section. I was able to find myself and some of the other e-poster presentations. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find your entry.

@acarome Would you be able to provide us any guidance on how we can get registered and setup our e-posters before the reception starts at 5:30?

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Quick followup. I wandered around and was able to find the registration desk on the 2nd floor in Palm Court. You can register anytime, and they'll be in Palm Court until ~3:30 pm, at which point they'll migrate back to the Grand Ballroom.

I also asked Anne about the logistics. She recommended arriving at 5 pm since the hall should be setup well before then. The screen is 55" and the connection is HDMI.

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