e_highlight echarts4r package

Hi Friends, I wanted to highlight a certain section of a line based on its y/x axis value.
This is using echarts4r package, because I want the interactivity of the plot.
sample link: Examples - Apache ECharts

Thank you in advance for the help!

Below is an example that adds a new variable (y1) to the data set that meets a specific condition (< 40 in this case). The new variable is then referenced in a second e_line().


df = data.frame(x = seq(50),
                y = sample(10:60, 50, replace = T)
                ) |>
  mutate(y1 = ifelse(y < 40, y, NA))

df |>
  e_charts(x) |>
  e_line(y) |>


Thank again @scottyd22 for a quick and robust solution.
So we simply overlap the original geometry with another geometry.


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