dynamycally change the name of variables in dataframe

I have a summary below 6*5

WA  	66	40	68	64	22
CA	    27	31	34	64	33
NY	    41	52	32	43	69
LA	    49	30	48	62	28
Total	183	153	182	233	152

if i want to dynamically change the "Total" to "sum" for every summary, because my symmary will always give Total
how can i change it dynamically

is it a data.frame or a matrix? I ask because WA, CA,NY,LA, Total don't appear to be under a column with any name

yes i converted to a dataframe

tab1 <- cro_cpct(dat1[[1]],dat1[[2]])
tab1 <- as.data.frame(tab1)

Is there a name for the column, will this be consistent? Or is the best approach to assume the first column contains it?

yes this will always give "Total" by default to create summary

I assume you mean that assuming its the first column works..

tab1 <- cro_cpct(dat1[[1]],dat1[[2]])
tab1 <- as.data.frame(tab1)
tab1[which(tab1[,1]=="Total"),1] <- "Sum"

awsome, that worked thanks

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