Dynamic input.choices in data tables- for every row

I am constructing a simple DT to collect data using DTedit, in a table like this:

day1 shop1 prod1_1, prod1_2 prod1_4, prod1_5
day1 shop2 prod2_1, prod2_3 prod2_4, prod2_5
day1 shop3 prod3_2, prod3_4 prod3_3, prod3_6
day4 shop1 prod1_2, prod1_5 prod1_1, prod1_9

So, on a given DAY, a SHOP is visited and the CHEAP or EXPensive PRODucts are recorded.
There is a second (aux) table available, stating the available PRODucts for each shop:

shop1 prod1_1, prod1_2,prod1_3,prod1_4
shop2 prod2_1, prod2_2,prod2_3,prod2_5
shop3 prod3_1, prod3_2,prod3_3,prod3_6

So, ideally, whenever a new entry window is called, the choices for the EXP_PROD and CHEAP_PROD columns should be selectInput(..., multiple = TRUE), and the choices should depend on the SHOP selected for this given entry (ie retrieved from the 2nd Table).
Is this possible??
thank you!

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