Dygraph doesn't plot March 12 (DST?)

I have a reactive data polling real world data that displays on a dashboard of dygraphs.

Today all my graphs starting giving an error 'order.by' cannot contain 'NA', 'NaN', or 'Inf'

That error usually would mean the data is missing, but the data looks fine to me. The odd thing is, I have my app publishing every hour and its publishing just fine with current data.

I suspect this could be a time change issue since my data is in standard time and now my machine is DST. I tried setting the computer clock back and tried removing the last hour of data from the file, but nothing works.

Any ideas where to start on this one?

EDIT: I discovered that if I remove March 12 from the dataset it plots fine. March 12 looks fine, there are no duplicates or missing times from that day since the data is in standard time anyway.

Solved: Changed the timezone from "America/Chicago" to "GMT-5" and that seemed to work.

'order.by' cannot contain 'NA', 'NaN', or 'Inf'

do you know what you are using to order by ?
it should be straightforward to analyse that and understand if it has any examples of the disallowed entries...

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