dualplot labels

Good morning everybody. I am trying to do a dual plot and everything works fine except that the years are also printed on the plotted line. After searching for several hours can´t seem to find a solution to get rid of the years printed over the plotted line. Any suggestions?

deco_CHLts <- ts(deco_CHL[, 6:7], start = c(1995, 1), frequency = 1)

dualplot(x1 = time(deco_CHLts), y1 = deco_CHLts[, 1],x2 = time(deco_CHLts), y2 = deco_CHLts[, 2], colgrid = NULL, ylab1 = "Energy per capita", ylab2 = "GDP per capita", legx = "topleft", main = "Energy per capital versus GDP")

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