DT, pdating the table object that contains renderDataTable

I have a renderDataTable held in a reactive object (react_table). I have another reactive object (react_plot) that plots react_table(). My goal is for react_plot() to refresh when the user interacts with react_table(), such as by sorting it.

I know this is exceedingly simple but I just can't figure out the logic behind it. How do I make react_table() update/save (the object itself, not just what the user sees) whenever the user interacts with the table so show_plot() will update?

Try looking at
specifically section 2.2.
and the example

You specific case isn't exactly in those documents.
However, there's this part of the documentation that makes me think its possible.

  • input$tableId_state : the state information of the table (a list containing the search string, ordering and paging information; it is available only if the option stateSave = TRUE is applied to the table)

Unfortunately, if this doesn't work, I don't think there's an easy R-only way to do this.

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