Dropdown quizzes in R markdown document

I'm looking for an example of a drop-down quiz that can be embedded in an html output doc using R markdown. I think this is possible without a running R session (i.e. not shiny). I've looked into html widget or R package exams but still having a hard time finding a simple example or where to begin. Template solutions I've found just do not address the functionality I'm looking for. The more I look into this the more I think the solution is to find some kind of html or javascript solution, however I am unsure if js solution can be embedded in R markdown document. My knowledge base is just basic html, and a little css, and I am just learning R markdown, so I'm wading through all these different technologies to try and find a solution that works for me. For context, I am writing a textbook in R markdown and looking for embedded dropdown quizzes.

Here is the closest thing to a solution that I have found thus far. Multiple-choice is not what I want as dropdown would be better, but when I embed this solution directly into my R markdown document the multiple choice DOES work as intended!!

I am now looking into how to use this type of solution to get the desired dropdown.

I forked the gist you linked to and changed the radio buttons to a dropdown. Multiple choice quiz question Rmarkdown · GitHub

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amazing, thanks so much !! I knew this stuff could be accomplished without an active R session, which is super important for what I'm working on. Appreciate that you took the time out of your day :slight_smile: !

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