Drill-down events work locally but not on shinyapps.io

Drill-down events (like those presented by @edgararuiz in this blog post and found in this app work continuously locally but stop after 2 drill-downs once hosted.

In the above app, the tab title displays the correct title but not the correct data (as seen by the dest_name in the drill-down table after selecting the 3rd airport).

The behavior can also be seen be seen in this app. The notification and title show that the correct 'filter' is captured, but the data displayed is not correct after the 2nd tab.

Hi, the app that doesn't work after 2 drill-downs the one that you published, or the one in the link?

If the former, is the app you're trying to get to work the exact copy of the code shared in the blog post (link below) or something new that you built? https://gist.github.com/edgararuiz/89e771b5d1b82adaa0033c0928d1846d

Both apps, so the one under your shinyapps.io account and the one I published. In the one under your account, if you select 3 airports to drill-down, the 3rd tab created will display the data from the 2nd tab.

For example, from the landing page, selecting Hartsfield then Akron Canton then General Mitchell will generate 3 tabs with Hartsfield then Akron Canton then General Mitchell as the tab title. However, the General Mitchell tab will display the same data as the Akron Canton tab.

In the app I published, I followed the code shared in the blog. Clicking a row in the DT table will generate tabs based on the Species selected from the iris data. The 3rd tab generated will display the data for the 2nd Species selected, regardless of the order of selection.

Ah! Interesting, let me take a look at it. Thanks for reporting it!

I appreciate the quick response! :+1:

I'm wondering if you were ever able to figure out what might cause this behavior?

Great timing! I just revamped the article and the app, and tested for this specific issue. Everything seems to work fine now: http://db.rstudio.com/best-practices/dashboards/

I'll be curious if you have the same experience

First, that's a great article! I learned some new things.

Which browser are you currently using? I'm currently still experiencing the same issue on Chrome.

Here's the dashboard with FLL data in the ATL table.

Thanks! Would you mind confirming that all your packages are up-to-date?

I haven't tried it locally yet. This is from the dashboard on shinyapps.

I'll try recreating it and see if it happens there as well.

Oh wow, ok, I'll give it another look. Thank you.

Hi @jdb,

@winston and @jcheng took a look and opened an Issue in shiny for it: https://github.com/rstudio/shiny/issues/2116

Thanks again for reporting it!

Thank you for your help and article!