Draw a US map at the block group level and map the corresponding data

Hello, I am going to draw one US map at the block group level and then map the Gini index values at the block group level. However, I only found a way to draw the map at the state or county level. Can you help me with it? Appreciate it.

# Load necessary library

options(tigris_class = "sf")

# Create the data frame
data <- tibble(
  GEOID = c("010010201001", "010010201002", "010010202002", "010010203001", "010010203002", "010010204001"),
  Gini = c(0.709, 0.693, 0.608, 0.671, 0.595, 0.783)

# Print the data frame
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{tigris} should provide the geometries you need with the block_groups() function