Draw a magic matrix

Hi all
This is my first time using shiny, and I want to make a straightforward web app for students (students are children, so I need a simple web app). I want to draw a magic matrix. The student changes the N value, and he gets the result as a table.
I used a library called magic.

magicMatrix <- magic (n) 

But I have a problem with changing n! I could not change n or render magicMatrix.

Can anyone help me?

My best regards.


Here is an example of an app:


ui <- fluidPage(
  sliderInput("inputN", "Matrix n value", 3, 12, 3),
  plotOutput("ggplot", height = "800px")
server <- function(input, output, session){  
  output$ggplot = renderPlot({
    #Get the n-value
    n = input$inputN

    #Get the magic matrix and convert it into a table with xy coordinates
    myNumbers = data.frame(
      number = c(t(magic(n))),
      x = 1:n, 
      y = rep(n:1, each = n)
    #Plot it
    ggplot() + 
      #Create a background pattern of tiles
      geom_tile(data = expand.grid(x = 1:n, y = 1:n), 
                aes(x, y, fill = as.factor((x+y) %% 2))) +
      scale_fill_manual(values = c("#42728a", "#42508a")) +
      #Add the magic numbers as text
      geom_text(data = myNumbers, 
                aes(x, y, label = number),
                color = "white", size = 80/n) +
      #Set plot option to hide all extra info like axes / legend
      theme_void() + coord_fixed() + 
      theme(legend.position = "none")

shinyApp(ui, server)

Setting the height option in the plotOutput is optional, but you can make the plot bigger that way if you like, You'll need to play with the size = 80/n value in the geom_text in order to have the text appear the right size in the grid should you change it

Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much, and this solution is precisely what I need.

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