dplyr mutate across case_when function

Hi! I've got some pretty ugly date data reading into excel that is a mix of numeric encoding and character strings. I've got some cleaning steps to this below, and if you have some suggestions on easier cleaning steps I would love to see it!

Otherwise, what I am struggling with is how to convert this to a function that allows the user to apply the data cleaning steps with mutate_at() or mutate + across in a single go, instead of for each variable individually. I would greatly appreciate help conceptualizing this!

#> Attaching package: 'janitor'
#> The following objects are masked from 'package:stats':
#>     chisq.test, fisher.test

# example data
dat <- tibble(
  x = c("42736", NA, "09/UN/2020", NA),
  y = c("43017", "42988", "01/UN/2018", NA)

# helper function 1 - identify if character string should be treated as numeric
is_numeric <- function(x){
  !str_detect(x, "[:alpha:]+|[:punct:]+")

# helper function 2 - substitute UN with 01 and convert to date
convert_un <- function(x){
  stringr::str_replace(x, pattern = "UN", replacement = "01") %>% 
    lubridate::parse_date_time(., '%m %d %y') %>% 


# clean up weird dates containing excel numeric imports and UN 
clean_date <- function(data, var_date){
  var_date_chr <- rlang::as_label(rlang::ensym(var_date))
  data  %>%   
      dt_un = case_when(
        str_detect( as.character({{var_date}}) , "UN") ~  as.character({{var_date}}) ,
        TRUE ~ NA_character_
      dt_num = case_when(
        is_numeric( as.character({{var_date}} )) ~  as.character({{var_date}}) ,
        TRUE ~ NA_character_
      dt_num = as.numeric(dt_num),
      dt_clean_un = convert_un(dt_un),
      dt_clean_num = janitor::convert_to_date(dt_num),
      "{var_date_chr}" := dplyr::coalesce(dt_clean_num, dt_clean_un)
    ) %>% 
    dplyr::select(-c(dt_un, dt_num, dt_clean_un, dt_clean_num))

# can clean date one variable at a time
dat_clean <- dat %>% 
  clean_date(x) %>% 

# goal would be to do a mutate across or at like this:
# dat_clean <- dat %>% 
#  mutate_at(vars(x, y), clean_date)

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Hi @shannon.pileggi,

In order to use across() your function needs to take in a vector (provided by the data mask in mutate) and return a vector of the same length. Refactoring clean_date achieves this:

clean_date <- function(x) {
  x <- as.character(x)
    str_detect(x, "UN") ~ convert_un(x),
    is_numeric(x) ~ convert_to_date(as.numeric(x)),
    TRUE ~ NA_real_

If there were other special patterns you needed to handle you can continue to add them to the case_when() expression.

# These all work

dat %>% 
    x = clean_date(x),
    y = clean_date(y)

dat %>% 
  mutate_at(vars(x, y), clean_date)

dat %>% 
  mutate(across(c(x, y), clean_date))

Thank you very much, that is very helpful!

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