dplyr groupby function accepting column name

I am trying to create a function for value counts with groupby method in R, i get an error if i call the function

This is the function:

valueCounts <- function (c) {
   df |> select(c) |> 
   groupby(c) |> summarise(col_1 = n())


I get an error, what do I understand groupby function cannot take string key column. Please advise

A few observations:
First, the grouping function is group_by(), not groupby()
Second, "embrace" the variable names in your function so R can find them.
Third, it is best practice to not use function names as variable names. Both c() and df() are functions in base R.


valueCounts <- function (dframe, column) {
  dframe |> select({{column}}) |> 
    group_by({{column}}) |> summarise(col_1 = n())

valueCounts(mtcars, cyl)
#> # A tibble: 3 × 2
#>     cyl col_1
#>   <dbl> <int>
#> 1     4    11
#> 2     6     7
#> 3     8    14

Created on 2023-04-21 with reprex v2.0.2

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Thank you, this is the one i was looking for {{parameter}},
How to call parameter in group_by()

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