dplyr: filter returns only tibble top row

I want to find the tibble row which has the maximum value in the column 'cfs.'

Using which.max(pdx_disc$cfs) I learn the value is 8054. Using that value in with:
pdx_disc %>% filter(cfs == 8054)

A tibble: 0 × 9

… with 9 variables: site_nbr , year , mon , day ,

hr , min , tz , cfs , sampdt

the content of that row is not returned.

What am I doing incorrectly?

which.max returns the position (row number) of the maximum value. If you want the value, use max().

can be used to subset


which will return all rows (with all columns in that row) that contain the maximum value of pdx_disc$cfs

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