Dply- Newbie with R

Hello, I am taking data analysis course with google and learning R. Instruction told me to install dply package. i followed instruction but it said error. Please help me understand why.
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Are you sure it wasn't the dplyr package? As far as I know, there is no dply package.

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the instruction said to type in install.package(dplyr). I don't understand your answer

Hello @MyLe , You cant install dplyr directly because its part of a package called Tidyverse. Tidyverse comes with lot of packages such as dplyr, ggplot2, tidyr, readr, stringr etc. To have dplyr on your in your R working environment, you need to install Tidyverse.


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Programming requires precision.
You have omitted the final s from install.packages() and written install.package, the input to the function should be a character string or an object that resolve to a character string; "dplyr" rather than dplyr.

install.packages ("dplyr")

That's not true, the tidyverse is just a collection of packages. You can install every single one by itself without ever using the tidyverse

Ok.....thank you @FactOREO

i did install Tidyverse. After installing that, the instruction asked me to install the dply package. When i tried to install the dply, it said error

dply does not exist.


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