Downloading Worldclim data using the Geodata package in R

please I need your help. I am trying to donwload worldclim bioclimatic variables using R (the Geodata packages) for a specific spatial extent. Unfortunately, my output folders remain empty. Your help is welcome, thank you! Here is the code I am using:
save.location = "./",
parameter = "bio",
bio.var = c(1:5),
resolution = "2.5m",
model.var = c("ACCESS-CM2", "BCC-CSM2-MR"),
emission.scenario.var = c("ssp126", "ssp245", "ssp370", "ssp585"),
time.interval.var = c("2021-2040", "2041-2060", "2061-2080", "2081-2100"),
clipping = TRUE,
clip.shapefile = "sudan",
clip.extent = c(20, 40, 3, 23),
buffer = 0, = TRUE, = FALSE, = TRUE, = FALSE,
save.bib.file = FALSE``

Do you have both of these in your script? (All names in R are case sensitive.)

library(geodata) is included in the first library, but not in {geodata}. Rather than using the current directory ./ , which can be a fluid concept, provide a full pathname such as


because I'm not sure the function respects the setting, if any, for geodata::geodata_path()

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