downloading shiny app

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as you mentioned

3.5 Downloading your application

Users typically save and back up their applications locally, often with a source control management system like GitHub.

Should you need a copy of the data or R code that was last deployed, you can download a zip file that contains the full bundle by clicking on the Download button next to the Bundle label on the Application View page in the dashboard.

but when i am trying to download it give me tar file. when extracting tar i did not find any content, i found just one file without extension.

this is not downloading in zip

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I assume you are on Windows? On Mac, these seem to open just fine. I can't speak to linux.

from How to unpack a tar file in Windows - HaskellWiki


If you have MinGW/MSYS or Cygwin installed, you can use the tar command to unpack such files:

  tar xvf  <.tar file>
  tar xzvf <.tar.gz file>
  tar xjvf <.tar.bz2 file>

Otherwise, have you tried following either of these?