Downloading multiple images from a data frame

Hi everyone, I'm having some issues with my code and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to fix it?

Currently, what I have done is to scrape multiple direct URL image links into a data frame and subsequently using R to download the images to a temporary folder.

What I would like to achieve is for R to go through every row in my data frame and download the respective image.

However, for some reason R seems to stop at a certain number which I would like to fix :frowning:

Here's the dataframe of URLs I have created:


male <- vector("list", num_pages)

# saving the urls from istockphoto
for(page_result in 1:num_pages){
  link = paste0("", 
  male[[page_result]] <- images_preview(link)

male <- unlist(male)
male <- # make it a data frame

# adding IDs to dataset
data <- tibble::rowid_to_column(male, "ID")

# drop first row
test <- data[-1,]

Here's the code I used to download the images:

# downloading loop
for (i in 1:304) { 
  myurl <- paste(test[i,2], sep = "")
  a <- tempfile()
  pic <- readJPEG(a)
  writeJPEG(pic, paste("image", "i", ".jpg", sep = ""))

What number did it stop on? Also, what is the value of num_pages in your code?

I figured out the issue - some of the URL links were not linking to a direct image, which meant that R stopped working once an error was encountered.

I'm looking into implementing a tryCatch function to fix it - though I'm not familiar with this function!

I set num_pages to five (there's a total of 100 pages on the website)

Edit: fixed the issue using a subset function to ignore the problematic URLs!

That was my suspicion. Glad you sorted it out!

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