Downloading latest RStudio Server Pro

The overall instructions for upgrading an existing rstudio server pro setup sound straightforward, see However, this line is tripping me up.

If you are upgrading to a later version of RStudio Server Open-source or Pro, you can do so by downloading the newer package and installing it using your package manager:

First I head over to the rstudio website, navigate to the rstudio products page, and click on the rstudio server pro version.


But, alas, there is no download?

Because the upgrade installation instructions are sparse and because I have not found others describing this problem, I have a feeling I am missing a small, but critical detail. Any help would be much appreciated. Where do I go for the rstudio server pro download?

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The form under "Download a 45-Day Free Trial" finally rendered and I was able to navigate to the commercial downloads page.


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