Downloading iMessage data (with emoji's) to R

I'm looking to save the iMessage data of a Wordle group chat. I have hundreds of Wordle entries that look like this that I would like to turn into matrices.

Wordle 466 3/6


With blacks being = 0, yellows = 1, and greens = 2, my code would then look something like:

wordle466 <- rbind(c(1,0,0,2,0),c(0,0,2,2,1),c(2,2,2,2,2)) 

I will have hundreds of these so being able to upload the iMessage data to R and automating the matrix-building process would be very helpful.. Does anyone have any tips on how to 1.) upload the data from iMessage to R or 2.) once I do upload the data, automate the matrix building process.. I'm pretty new to this, so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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