Downloading IMDB movie titles using rvest while living in Japan

I am using rvest, an r programming package, to download titles and descriptions of movies on IMDB. The descriptions can be downloaded in English, but for some reason the titles change to Japanese or romanizations of the English titles. My purpose to download is to use it as an activity in English class, so the English titles would be better. I have logged in and chosen English as my default language, and even changed my location to the UK, but unfortunately neither helps.

Does anyone have a good suggestion as to how to download the titles and keep them in English?

Is your IP address is Japan?

Can you post a reprex?

What is the document type of the html? Iso/utf-8?
What encoding have you told rvest it is...?

My IP address is Japan.
This is my code:

url <- ""
anime <- read_html(url) %>% html_nodes(".lister-item-header a") %>% html_text
descriptions <- read_html(url) %>%
html_nodes(".text-muted+ .text-muted , .ratings-bar+ .text-muted") %>%
descriptions <- str_squish(descriptions)
movies <- data.frame(anime, descriptions)

What is the document type of the html? Iso/utf-8?
Sorry, I don't know.
What encoding have you told rvest it is...?
Sorry, I didn't do that.

Dear Calum,
I've just solved it by using VPN and changing my location to the UK.
Thanks for giving me the hint!
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin
P.S. For those who don't have VPN, what code should I write in R to get the same result?

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