Downloading data with "Rblpapi" into RStudio

Good afternoon. Recently I've experienced some problems with downloading data from Bloomberg information system into RStudio via "Rblpapi" package. In order to get this package on my PC I did the following:

This code was proceeded succesfully. Further, in order to install the connection between my PC and Blooberg I did the following:

Then I received the error message:
25MAR2021_12:27:10.598 4484:7384 ERROR blpapi_platformtransporttcp.cpp:671 blpapi.session.transporttcp.{4}.localhost:8194 Connection failed

25MAR2021_12:27:10.598 4484:7384 WARN blpapi_platformcontroller.cpp:371 blpapi.session.platformcontroller.{4} Platform: 0 failed 1 consecutive connect attempts, stopped trying to reconnect.
Error in blpConnect_Impl(host, port, appName) :Failed to start session.

Therefore, I couldn`t establish the connection between my PC and Bloomberg.
Could you, please, tell me, how I can solve this problem?

Thank you for your effort.

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