Downloading data from OneDrive using Microsoft365R

I have an issue with Microsoft365R package. I manage easily to connect to my personal OneDrive folder and do all kinds of operations like Delete, Upload, etc. but when I download file I always get NULL

This is a code

test <- get_personal_onedrive()
test1 <- test$download_file("Desktop/Reg_master_db.xlsx")

After I create object test1 which should hold data from downloaded Excel file I get NULL. Is there anyone who has experienced the same issue or knows what might cause this? Kind regards,


I didn't know that there was a package for microsoft one drive, that's cool. We have one drive at work and it is tied to our network. You can map the drive and then reference it with which ever letter you choose, a.k.a, L:\folder\file. xlsx.

I personally just copy paste the address if I ever need, especially since all my internal GitHub folders are on my one drive.

I've never seen down_load file push a file into a data frame must be a function from that package. You could try readxl if you have the path.

Microsoft365R author here. download_file downloads a file to your local drive -- just like base R's download.file. In this case, you should find a file called "Reg_master_db.xlsx" in your working directory. It doesn't return anything.

@fredoxvii: it's been on CRAN for about 1.5 months now. The latest version adds Teams support, and the next one will add Outlook.


I realized that couple of hours after I wrote my post. I use R Studio Cloud and MicrosoftR365 made possible direct link between my account and R Studio Cloud.Excellent package btw

I can’t link R Studio with my local storage because I use R Studio Cloud. Package is really good because it enables direct connection with SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive personal and Business

Outlook! That would be amazing! You don't know how many people at work keep trying to send emails out when a script has finished running. Mailr and sendmailr have not been working for like a year now.

If this is not a thing, you should really consider adding it to your features as it is a very useful thing for many reasons.

I can't wait to take it for a spin at work.

Thanks for your work!

Thank you!

The Outlook client is currently in the works; you can find it here. It's still lacking documentation and tests, but it seems to be mostly working. Functionality includes:

  • list emails in a folder, sorted by date, subject or sender
  • create and send emails, optionally composed with the blastula or emayili packages
  • add, remove and download attachments
  • copy and move emails to folders
  • create and delete folders

When I've got the documentation completed, I'll post an announcement in this forum.

I have another question. We have trouble integrating 365 with one drive and share point on our Linux platform, meaning that we can't connect to share point from Linux box.

Does this package work on Linux as well?


Hello! I am testing this package at work, but I am not able to log in from our linux box. Does this package work with Single Sign On (SSO)? I only see the options below. Do you know how to use SSO when authenticating? I would log in with github, but it is trying to log into my personal github, not my work github.


Logged out of my personal github, and tried the github through work. The log in failed because it didn't recognize the SSO for our org's github.



Got it to work!!! I needed to use get_business_onedrive() instead of get_personal_onedrive(). I filled out the form and I am waiting on access from my admins.

I let you know how that goes, thanks!!!

P.S. This package is even cooler now that I know that I can use it with my personal onedrive :

I use the Blastula package to send automated reports. The biggest advantage I had was the ability to style the email with HTML and attach multiple documents. You should check it out. I am going to explore using it in conjunction with the Microsoft365R package.

Yes, we tried that package but we can't get it to work on our network. We believe it has something to do with MS365 authentication. We were using mailr or sendmailr before but then there changes in our network.


You can play around with the port numbers. That appeared to have solved the set up problem. When I use the package on our VPN,it doesn't work ICT advised security settings prevent some automated activities. Anyway, I am excited to try out the 365R package.

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