downloadhandler and iphone

Anyone have experience with shiny's downloadhandler and why it might be causing a server disconnect on iphone? Nothing is in the log's to indicate a problem.

My Shiny App works on my PC and Mac for various browsers (safari, edge, chrome, firefox) without issue. Works on my android device using chrome no problem. On iPhone however, chrome forces a view instead of download and with safari it causes the shiny app to disconnect. I have gutted the code to nothing in the downloadhandler and still it causes a disconnect.

Anyone experience this or have a suggestion I might try? There are no errors in the log and my print() message are all there right to the end of the downloadhandler function, it just forces a reconnect every time. Had other users try in case it was my device, they had the same problem.

Edit: So I dusted off the macbook and hooked up the web inspector, the issue is XMLHttpRequest cannot load the token request, due to access control checks. Error: failed to retrieve token: Connection closed. Info: {isTrusted:false}

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