downloadable report with dashboard UI elements

I have developed a dashboard in shinydashboard, and would now like to create a downloadable report that mimics the layout of a particular dashboard page, including UI elements (whole fluidRows or boxes). I DON'T need an interactive report, I just want something that is almost a snapshot of the dashboard page.

Basic instructions on "downloadable reports" (e.g. Shiny - Generating downloadable reports) tend to pass either plotting parameters or simple plots to Rmarkdown, but I'd really like to (1) keep the styling of the dashboard page and (2) not have to duplicate large chunks of code between the dashboard and the Rmd document.

  • Ideally, I would like to pass on whole elements from my dashboard page UI (= a module UI) to the report, e.g. the fluidRow below, or the box it contains. Would anyone have any ideas of how to go about doing this?

  • I believe some of these elements (e.g. valueboxes) are not compatible with Rmarkdown. Is there a work-around?

      box(title="Box title", 
          width=12, solidHeader=TRUE, status="success",
          collapsible=TRUE, collapsed=FALSE,
          p("Some text"),

Sorry - I don't know how to make a reprex of my code, it's a bit complex.
Looking for strategies to try out, first!

Thank you!

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