Download multiple files with downloadHandler/downloadButton

I've created an app with a final product of multiple csv files. I would like for users to be able to download all of these files at once using downloadHandler/downloadButton. Is there a way to use these functions with more than one file? I've searched every resource I know for help on this issue with no luck. A less than ideal alternative that I've considered would be combining the files by zipping, but even this has proved difficult (having trouble implementing RTools).

There isn't a simple way to download multiple files without zipping them up first. Web browsers don't support this directly -- there are some Javascript libraries that will do it, but it would be nontrivial to integrate it with Shiny.

If you're having trouble with the zip() function, you can use the zip package: CRAN - Package zip



I have a similar question but regarding downloading multiple plots (svg files) in a zipped file using one downloadButton/downloadHandler in shiny? Can such a thing be done?

Appreciate your advice!