Download bundle in zip format shinyapps


I work with shinyapps and I one of my application I used to update my word downloading all the data and file from the download bundle button. The problem is that now is downloading a .tar file when before it always downloaded a .zip that is in my case much more easy to use, at least in my case.

I've tried with other applications and the download file it is always in a .tar format.

Any help on this? It is possible to download the zip file as usual?


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The bundles of applications were never available for download as a .zip, as that is not how they are uploaded and stored.

Hi, I've downloaded one into Windows 10, but 7Zip just unpacks it into a single, unreadable file with the same name as the .tar archive, minus the .tar suffix. Please advise?

I was running into this same issue. I think the utils::untar() function will do the trick.

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