dowload/get specific tab in a Google Sheet


I cannot seem to find the documentation in the googledrive package about how to read in a specific tab from a Google Sheet. When I use drive_download(), it reads the first tab in the sheet I download.

I see some documentation from the googlesheets package - should I use gs_browse(ws = "name")? If so, how can that be combined with the the googledrive package?


The basic workflows for googlesheets can be found here:

If you know the name of the worksheet, you can find it by title with:

 result <- googlesheets::gs_title("the_title_here")

You can then see all of the sheets/tabs in the worksheet with


Then you can read it in with googlesheets::gs_read().

googledrive will authenticate you to access your drive, etc. to allow you to perform the operations aobve.

Thank you very much!

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