Doubts about normality (qqplot)

Hello, I have a sample of 415 with three dimensios for each and I'm trying to test the means for normality.

  1. Shapiro tests do not support normality but I've read that's doubtfull with bigger samples (here it's 415).

  2. I'm not sure what to make of the qqplots. They're pretty much on the line, except for the beginning and end on two of the dimensions...

Would appreciate any help.


what's the context ?

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It's about burnout scores (means) for three dimensios of burnout

Burnout - Wikipedia ?

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No, burnout syndrome (as a result of stress related to a job or workplace).

ok, so lets accept that your data is 'roughly normal',..

Stepping back a moment to the wider question; what is your goal here with this data?, is there a specific scientific or practical question you are trying to answer from your data ?

also always good to ask yourself...
If it was normal what would you do next ?
if it wasnt normal at all what would you do ?

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