Dosresmeta package - direct use of standardised mean difference in models


I am new to R and trying to use the 'dosresmeta' package to run a dose-response meta-analysis (DRMA) on observational studies.

As my individual studies have reported both binary or continuous outcomes, I have converted them all to standardised mean differences (smd) and variances. I would, therefore, like to directly input the SMD into my dose-response models. However, all the coding examples I've seen for modelling continuous outcomes in the 'dosresmeta' package require the input of the means, sd and n in order to derive the smd, variance, covariance matrix (as per example below).

mod1 <- dosresmeta(formula = y ~ dose, id = id,
                   sd = sd, n = n, covariance = "smd", data = ari)

Can anyone advise of the script required to directly use the smd?
Thanks in anticipation!

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