Dose-response meta-analysis with quadratic model

Hello all,

I am currently trying dose-response meta-analysis using the command dosresmeta.
I used this dataset (datafile.xlsx - Google Sheets).

When I tried to test for quadratic model, the commands returns an error.

The following code was used:

quad_drma<-dosresmeta(formula = logrr ~ dose + I(dose^2), type = type, id = id,
                                 se = se, cases = event.n, n = total.n, data = datafile)

This is the resulting error code:[v != 0, , drop = FALSE], Z[v != 0, , drop = FALSE] :
  A two-stage approach requires that each study provides at least p non-referent obs (p is the number of columns of the design matrix X)

Does anyone know which part of my code or dataset caused problem?

Thank you very much,

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