Don't react when i make mistake or just run app

Hello? can yuo help me? kod worked before on another computor but on this one it run app ui part, and don't write any mistake, don't do any work from server part what does it can be?
work with R-studio.

I think you’ll need to provide some more information in order for anybody to be able to help with this problem. To get started:

  • Can you please provide the code of your shiny app? (don’t forget to use the code formatting button in the posting box — looks like: </> — to properly format your code)
  • Are you trying to run your app locally (for example by clicking “Run App” within the RStudio IDE), or are you trying to interact with an app you deployed to a server?
  • Can you describe more specifically what is going wrong? You say that the server code isn’t running — how can you tell? What do you expect to happen that isn’t happening?
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