Don't load terminal buffer on start (RStudio)

Is there any way to stop RStudio from loading all of my terminal history when I start up a new RStudio window? It sometimes takes a couple of seconds and apparently I really am that impatient.

I took a look at the preferences but I haven't been able to solve the issue there:

The RStudio site has a nice help page for the terminal pane and has this to say about persistence:

Terminal Persistence

RStudio mitigates the terminal's lifetime being tied to that of the R session by saving and restoring several aspects of the terminal session:

  • The list of open terminal sessions, and their Terminal Names.
  • Terminal Buffers (with limits as described)
  • Environment Variables (Mac / Linux / Server only, and does not include shell variables)
  • Current Working Directory (Mac / Linux / Server only)

The persisted terminal data is stored within a folder named console06 (ends with zero-six), beneath the project folder's .Rproj.user.

This seems to imply that I could kill the buffer persistence by simply deleting (or just modifying) the console06 file, perhaps with a bash exit hook (does such a thing even exist?)?

This seems like a bit of a faff to me and I was wondering if there was an easier way to keep the other nice bits of persistence, while just loading the terminal with a clean buffer on start?

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