Does site_dir support single shiny app configurations (app.R)

All the examples in the admin guide show the multiple file configuration (ui.R and server.R). Can I use the single file (app.R) configuration?

Cold you be a little more specifyc? shiny works with bout single app.R and ui.R + server.R

I was particularly concerned with the site_dir method of launching apps.

Does http://xx.xx.xx.xx:3838/app1

  • look for /app1/ui.R and /app1/server.R

  • and if they don't exist

  • launch /app1/app1.R?

or does it limit the launch to

  • /app1/ui.R and /app1/server.R

Yes, works with the single file setup, but has to be called app.R not app1.R
The name of your app goes on the folder name not on the R script name i.e. /app1/app.R

Thanks for the prompt reply. Very helpful.

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