Does support single sign-on (SSO)?

Does support single sign-on (SSO) so that we can have users from our organisation view the private apps by login in via their company account?

This is a really good question. What Single Sign On (either MFA or MFA/SAML) vendor do you use?

I am not an expert in this field, but a beginner, but I can let you know what I have found out. I can narrow the scope a bit if we know which MFA vendor you use. out of the box supports OAuth and some SSO for paid(1) and google accounts. So you could tie your accounts to Gmail accounts and go that route through a custom SAML app--at least in theory: Chapter 4 Authentication and User Management | user guide

Rstudio connect replaces some of the features of the original shinyapp package (not the website). Rstudio Connect does support top 3 most popular SSO options: Using SAML - RStudio Connect: Admin Guide

However, the support for the other top 10 providers still needs to be scene. Have you thought about requesting the feature on there github?

(1)Specifically mentions enterprise and team accounts, but I don't know why it wouldn't be possible for free GitHub accounts.
(2) Another thing to consider is should that account be using MFA? If your going to make an account automatically publish reports or updates then SSO makes sense you want to do an SSO that has MFA exception. This means making either a "service account" or Machine Learning admin account that uses different (often custom) MFA rules. ModelOps often requires either exceptions to MFA or different MFA rules. Many of the legal security requirements take salesforce example provide exceptions for these types of accounts.

Hi luk, supports SSO via Google and GitHub (using OAuth2). However, it does not currently support SSO via SAML at this time. We do have an issue in our backlog to bring that functionality to, but I cannot give you any sort of estimate of when that work might be done. For more details please see Chapter 4 Authentication and User Management | user guide.


We use Microsoft ADFS SAML based. Should I assume that this is not supported?

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Also wondering this about Microsoft