Does RStudio reserve the right to access datasets uploaded to RStudio Cloud?

I tried wading through the privacy policy and the various other agreements linked from there, but I still am not sure I understand the answer to the following questions:

  • Specifically the data being analyzed via RStudio Cloud (not application code, not information about the user, and not system logs that incidentally touch data)... does RStudio claim the right to copy and re-use or share it any sort of way? If so, in which document are the limits on this use stated in writing?
  • What steps need to be taken in order to completely delete a dataset that had been uploaded to RStudio Cloud such that nobody can ever retrieve that file again? In which document is this process described?

I am asking this to see if I can get my institution to allow me to let my students use RStudio Cloud with certain data-sets that are important to their training but belong the the institution.

Hi there,

You can read the RStudio Service Terms Of Use which outlines our policy here. Specifically the section on Your Use of Applications Made Available Via the RStudio Service:

If you choose to upload data to an application you are using via the RStudio Service, you acknowledge and agree you are giving certain legal rights to the licensor of the application to process and otherwise use your data. Please carefully review any license terms accompanying any application to which you submit your data for the legal rights which you are giving the application licensor. Further, RStudio does not claim ownership of your data; however, you hereby grant RStudio a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, fully paid up, transferable and non-exclusive license, as applicable, to use and copy your data in connection with making your data available to the application (and the licensor of such application) to which you have submitted your data. You acknowledge and agree that even if you remove your data from the RStudio Service, your data may have been downloaded by, and remain accessible to, the licensors of those applications to which you submitted your data. Accordingly, do not submit data which you desire to remain confidential or which you wish to limit the right to access or use. You should never submit to the RStudio Service any data which consists of personally identifiable information, credit card information, or protected health information, as such terms are defined by relevant laws, rules, and regulations. RSTUDIO IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONFIDENTIALITY, AVAILABILITY, SECURITY, LOSS, MISUSE OR MISAPPROPRIATION OF ANY DATA YOU SUBMIT TO THE RSTUDIO SERVICE OR ANY APPLICATION MADE AVAILABLE VIA THE RSTUDIO SERVICE.

We can not offer any specific legal advise, so I recommend that you ask your institution's legal department to review this document to understand if it meets your requirements or not.


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