does RStudio keep track of the other tabs

Hi there,

I'm VERY new to R, just installed it on my computer in fact haha.

I have a quick question - does RStudio keep track of the other tabs that I have open on my computer? for example if I have a word document or pdf open on my computer, would someone who I send my project file know what other files/webpages I have open?


No, RStudio doesn't support real time collaborative edition if that is what you meant, although I'm not sure I understand what you think Rstudio software is.


To follow-up a little, it sounds like you're using the RStudio IDE via a web-browser, using or RStudio Server. In both cases, as Andres mentions, RStudio isn't keeping track of what's happening on other non-RStudio browser tabs.
The RStudio IDE also has a popular desktop version too, which also doesn't keep tabs on your browser tabs.

I will say, RStudio does regularly look into the contents of your soul and reports that back to the home office, but only to improve our products, and to make sure you're doing okay.

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