Does "Performance Boost" with paid service include priority scheduling?

...I have a Shiny app that I currently run on the free version of I have noticed that the app runs notably slower online than on my computer. Also, I am pretty sure that the speed tends to vary. My presumption is that this is because of fluctuating demand by other users on the shiny servers.

I am wondering if upgrading to the $40/month service would address this. The info page mentions that there is a "performance boost" which includes multiple worker processes and up to 8GB of ram. In my case though, neither ram nor inability to run multiple workers is at issue - that is, I have no reason to believe that adding the ability for either of those would speed things up. My ram useages are relatively low and I'm not doing anything in parallel. Instead, my presumption is that this is just a matter of prioritizing use of a single processor on the server.

Does the "performance boost" come with any priority in scheduling of resources, or just access to the expanded resources (more workers and more ram) mentioned above?


I experimented just now by upgrading to the $40/ month service. As far as I can tell, the answer is "no," no improvement in priority scheduling of resources.

You are correct, there is nothing related to priority scheduling.

However, I would like to know more about the memory usage you see locally, as that is the most common reason for a difference in performance. When you upgraded, did you change the instance type of your application to one with more memory?

Wow, you're right. Thank you. I just increased the memory allocation via the online interface and that did substantially improve the performance. I guess I got my $40 bucks worth after all.

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